For over 40 years, Population and Survey Analysts (PASA) has served Texas public school districts by providing demographic studies, student enrollment projections, and long-range school planning.

Geographically focused. 
Future forward.

Population and Survey Analysts (PASA) is a demographic consulting firm that partners with Texas school districts in planning for long-range utilization of schools by projecting future student enrollment. This involves projecting new residential development, understanding potential land uses for undeveloped parcels and relating these findings to future students in the schools. PASA also projects enrollment growth and decline in areas with no new construction potential by studying which neighborhoods are regenerating with younger families. In growing school districts, PASA uses these long-term projections to help outline a step-by-step plan for when and where new schools could be needed in the future. By having a clear idea of future growth potential, the school district can plan for bond elections in a financially responsible and transparent manner and maximize student stability by minimizing the need for changing schools.