“The comprehensive research-based data that PASA provides has assisted the CFISD leadership team with making well-informed and defensible recommendations related to long-range planning and attendance boundaries to our Board of Trustees. This provides great comfort to our trustees as they are faced with making difficult decisions!”

Teresa Hull
Associate Superintendent, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

“For the 12 years I was superintendent of Katy ISD, PASA provided demographics for the district. Their work went far beyond merely forecasting the growth of the district. Their in-depth study of our district allowed us to grow a district from 24,000 students to 51,000. Projecting growth for the district included identifying and buying school sites to accommodate student population growth, while keeping a visionary eye on future growth needs. Not once did we err in planning for this fast-growth environment, and the key component was the detailed, accurate data produced by PASA for our district.”

Dr. Leonard Merrell
L. Merrell Consultants, (Former Superintendent, Katy ISD)

“PASA’s intimate knowledge of our district has been very beneficial as the district continues to plan the facilities and instructional spaces of this fast-growing community. Our cities have established a strong working relationship with PASA, which helps us all remain knowledgeable about activities in each of our organizations/municipalities. The knowledge derived from PASA’s annual contacts to large landowners has helped our awareness of potential future sites. The data we receive each year is very beneficial to our short-term budget planning (students by campus) as well as in the aggregate (total students expected), as well as our long term-planning (how many new buildings? Where should they be located?). We have appreciated our partnership with PASA: not only is good data very important, but also we particularly appreciate how quickly the staff get back to us.”

Jimmy Disler
Chief Facilities and Operations Officer, Leander ISD

“Lamar CISD has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with PASA that has allowed us to successfully overcome the many challenges associated with fast-growth. Additionally, the staff at PASA has always gone above and beyond to quickly respond to our questions or unique requests. We certainly value the important work and solutions they consistently bring to the table.”

Dr. Thomas Randle
Former Superintendent, Lamar CISD

“Providing critical data in a reliable and timely fashion, PASA has been instrumental in providing collaborative and innovative information for our district planning needs. As our district demographer, PASA has been an integral partner in providing critical and timely information regarding our planning efforts that support student and community needs.”

Dr. Kwabena Mensah
Chief of Schools, Fort Bend ISD

“As a district, we have received invaluable data and information from PASA. The demographic studies have been very meaningful and have helped guide important decisions in areas such as strategic planning and rezoning.”

Matt Bolinger
Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Innovation, Goose Creek CISD

“PASA’s attention to detail is the hallmark of a great demographics team. They were relentless in uncovering information that would inform the District reports for years to come. Without a doubt, PASA takes their work very seriously and are dedicated to helping their partners make the best decisions possible for future success.”

Dr. Ashley Stewart
Former Chief Administrative Officer, Boerne ISD

“We have worked with PASA through two large bond elections and an elementary rezoning plan. The data they have provided us has been right on point. Their team gives us confidence that this important work will be done thoroughly and honestly. Working with PASA, we know our decisions are based on accurate and reliable data. They have predicted our districtwide enrollment every year for the last eight years within thirty students, and in a fast-growth district this is extraordinarily precise.”

Kevin Moran
Superintendent, Waller ISD

“Katy ISD and PASA have been partners for over 20 years. During that time, PASA has been extremely helpful in planning during a long period of fast growth.”

Ted Vierling
Assistant Superintendent of Operations, Katy ISD

“I have been asked by other districts who we use for demographic work, and I don’t hesitate to recommend PASA. The level of customer service and quality of the study we receive rises above anything I’ve experienced.”

Pam Sanchez
Asst. Supt. of Business Services, Lake Travis ISD

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work once again with the best demographic firm in Texas.”

Tom Crowe
Interim Superintendent Willis ISD, Former Deputy Superintendent Katy ISD