Meet the team

Dr. Stacey Tepera


Education – Ph.D., B.S.

Dr. Stacey Tepera began her career with Population and Survey Analysts in 1991 and leads PASA’s service to our clients. She guides all stages of data collection and analysis, focusing on long-range facilities planning and attendance zone planning. Dr. Tepera facilitates ongoing communication with District representatives by reporting research findings to school board members, administrators, and bond or boundary committees. Her knowledge and longevity in the field combined with her trusted relationships with District administrators provide continuity for PASA’s clients in an evolving educational landscape.

Kris Siegert Pool

Director of Planning

Education – J.D., B.A.

Kris Pool joined PASA in 1994, and her extensive tenure at PASA provides the firm with a cornerstone of knowledge, structure, and consistency. Her principal responsibilities include attendance zone planning and long-range facilities analysis, modeling student projections data, and presenting data to clients and to the public. Statistical and computer skills, a strong interest in accuracy and completeness, and exceptional interpersonal skills have also allowed Ms. Pool to effectively conduct numerous research tasks and convey important research results to school board members, administrators, bond committees, attendance zone boundary committees, as well as members of the public. Since joining the firm, she has been able to exemplify PASA’s mission of understanding, supporting, and responding to the needs and intricacies of each individual client.

Justin Silhavy

Demographic Consultant

Education – M.U.P., B.S.

Justin Silhavy primarily develops housing projections and forecasts student population growth. Mr. Silhavy approaches every project by interviewing elected officials, municipal planning departments, home builders, land developers, and other local organizations involved in housing and economic development.  With a background in urban and regional planning, Mr. Silhavy also incorporates many other timely factors that impact student growth.  Mr. Silhavy has worked with PASA since 2003, contributing in many ways to the final project, and his experience reinforces PASA’s all-inclusive approach to projects. 

Angela Fritz


Education – M.Sc., B.A.

Angela Fritz is responsible for developing housing projections and forecasting population growth. Ms. Fritz’s background in municipal governance and economic development allows her to approach each project through a contextual framework that analyzes inputs from elected officials, planning departments, home builders, land developers, and others to provide insightful projections for a variety of planning purposes. Her insight and understanding of the complexities associated with municipal planning and residential development contribute to PASA’s commitment to cogent and accurate data collection and projections.

Susan Cates


Education – CEcD, PCED, BS

Susan Cates, CEcD, PCED is responsible for developing housing projections and forecasting population growth. Ms. Cates’s background in economic and community development and local governance allows her to approach projects through a contextual framework that analyzes inputs from elected officials, planning departments, home builders, land developers, real estate professionals, and others to provide comprehensive projections for a variety of planning purposes. Experience evaluating a community’s assets to target economic potential has developed Ms. Cates’s insight and understanding of the complexities associated with municipal planning and residential development. These skills contribute to PASA’s commitment to accurate data collection and cogent, relatable projections.

Tiffanie Thomas-Rodgers

Director of Operations

Education – M.Ed., B.S.

Tiffanie Thomas-Rodgers brings 20 years of experience as an educator and educational administrator to the body of knowledge at PASA. Her principal responsibilities include developing housing projections and forecasting student population growth, particularly for multi-family developments. As part of this responsibility, she understands macro- and microeconomic factors that impact housing development, analyzes platting information, and assesses potential future land use for developable parcels. Mrs. Thomas-Rodgers also assists in developing models for projecting student enrollment that is unique for each client while taking into account the multiple factors impacting enrollment growth and decline. She participates in writing detailed reports, preparing PowerPoint presentations, and presenting results to client School Boards and administrators.  Her previous work as a District administrator in facilitating attendance zoning and long-range planning is beneficial to PASA’s mission of providing detailed, forward-looking district-specific data.

Travis Scott

Director of GIS

Education – M.U.P., B.S..

Travis Scott’s principal responsibilities include the management of the firm’s geographic information system (GIS). Mr. Scott is trained in the field of urban and regional planning, with knowledge of statistical analysis and trend extrapolation. His strong technical and analytical skills in mapping housing and demographic data coupled with his training in state-of-the-art GIS techniques allow him to successfully provide outstanding mapping components and input into the demographic studies. His experience has greatly enhanced PASA’s ability to communicate relevant and timely data for our clients in a geospatial environment.

Grant Guseman

Chief Financial Officer and Field Ops Coordinator

Education – B.A.

Grant Guseman directs field reconnaissance to estimate the build-out per year of all active subdivisions.  He tallies homes in every major subdivision that are occupied, available, under construction, remaining to develop, and projects annual occupancy rates for the next ten years. This work allows PASA to understand the impact of these new homes on the magnitude and timing of future student enrollment.  His expertise and knowledge of various regions’ housing and construction trends combined with his passion for detailed analysis support PASA’s commitment to timely and accurate understanding of residential development.

Ben Strickland

GIS Coordinator

Education – B.S.

Ben Strickland’s combined training in both urban/regional planning and geographic information systems (GIS) helps PASA provide useful maps of up-to-date spatial information. Strong attention to detail ensures efficient analysis of mapping elements and consistency in the mapping design structure. Knowledge of city planning procedures helps Mr. Strickland effectively produce useful spatial data that reflects accurate detail to help the rest of the PASA team produce the most accurate information for school districts. Through his expertise in spatial mapping, he creates practical and meaningful visualizations for clients to understand complicated spatial material at a glance.

Jennifer Steen

Geocoding Coordinator

Education – B.S., B.A.

Jennifer Steen manages the geocoding process by which PASA uses our geographic information systems (GIS) software and places every student precisely on a map based on his/her residence.  This highly accurate process is paramount to PASA’s ability to analyze and project student enrollment as well as partner with districts in creating logical and fiscally responsive long-range planning processes. Her principal responsibilities include maintaining and updating computer-generated maps, collecting and analyzing demographic data, and gathering information used to project future growth. Ms. Steen’s 11 years of experience as an educator allow her insight into the various needs and challenges faced by school districts.